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is a financial service of Motormax Financial Services.

We serve the residents of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Missouri, by offering consumer loans, title loan rescue and title pawn rescue with lower interest and lower payments.

Our History:

Motormax began 45 years ago as a car dealership. After many years of selling cars to customers with less than perfect credit, the owners of Motormax discovered that several of their customers were deeply in debt to title pawn lenders. Many of these people had fallen on hard times and had no other credit options besides pawning their vehicle title. After getting a title pawn loan, the customers realized that because of the nature of the loan, it was almost impossible to pay it off. The payments they made each month went straight to interest and not principal. Since the loan was paid off only when the principal was paid off, payments that went only to interest would mean the loan would never be paid off.

Outraged by the title pawn form of lending, the owners of Motormax founded Motormax Financial Services in 2008 and determined to offer loans that would provide customers lower payments, lower interest and genuine opportunity of repayment. To date, Motormax Financial has paid off 1,000s of people’s high interest title loans and has even begun to provide consumer loans to individuals so they can avoid the title pawn trap all together. 

Our Vision:

By giving customers a fair method of repaying their loans, Motormax Financial Services endeavors to provide lower interest, lower payment, short-term loans to customers with limited credit options. 

Our Core Beliefs: 

  • Loans should be designed so borrowers can pay off their loan with ease.

  • Loans should be offered at the best interest rate possible.

  • Loans should be designed so that monthly payments reduce the principal and not just the                  interest.

  • Loans should be used as an opportunity to either establish credit or improve a customer’s                  credit score

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    1-800-New-Rate or 1-800-639-7283
    *You can save up to 250% to 300% APR interest with us. Your savings may vary. Title pawn/loan companies can charge, under The Title Pawn Act, up to a maximum rate of 25% per month for 3 months and 12.5% for remaining months in GA. and 25% per month in AL, S.C and MO. This illustration assumes that title pawn was renewed for 12 consecutive months. These calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Credit subject to loan value, employment history, acceptable current property, and other liberal credit requirements. Services available through Motormax Financial Services Corp. or Motors Acceptance depending on your market area.