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Title Loan and Title Pawn Rescue in Columbia, SC

South Carolina
1800NewRate offers consumer loans, title loan and title pawn rescue to the residents of South Carolina. We have several convenient locations in Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg, or Florence. We are eager to assist with your financial needs, so please visit us and we'll protect your title. 
Columbia, SC Title Loans and Title Pawn Rescue

Located At:

3827 Broad River Rd
Suite A
Columbia, SC 29210

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Title Loans and Title Pawn Rescue in Columbia, SC

What if I have a title loan or title pawn with another company?

1800NewRate specializes in Title Loan and Title Pawn Rescue. This means that we will take your existing title loan or pawn, pay off your current title loan company (the lien holder on your title) and set you up on low monthly payments. 1800NewRate has refinanced 1,000s of title pawns for individuals stuck in high interest title loans and saved people thousands of dollars.

Do I need my vehicle title to secure a loan?

Yes, all of our loans are secured by collateral and we use your vehicle as collateral. To secure a consumer loan with 1800NewRate, individuals must own their vehicle free and clear. Meaning that no loan company is listed on the title.

The one exception to this is our Title Loan and Title Pawn Rescue. Individuals with an existing title pawn can apply for a loan with 1800NewRate even though their car title has the current title loan company's name on it.

Can I keep my car?

YES, you keep your car! Whether you apply for a consumer loan or Title Loan and Title Pawn Rescue, you keep your car. For Title Pawn Rescue customers, once your loan is approved, 1800NewRate will pay off your current title loan company. This will remove their name as lien holder on the title of your vehicle. 1800NewRate will then be listed as lien holder since the car title is collateral for the loan. But throughout this entire process, you keep your car!

Can 1800NewRate refinance my car loan?

No, the only loans 1800NewRate refinances are title loans/pawn. So if you originally purchased your vehicle using a car loan and you still owe money on that loan, unfortunately, 1800NewRate does not refinance that type of loan.

Can 1800NewRate help repair my credit?

Yes! 1800NewRate realizes that title loans are designed to serve consumers with poor credit. In order to help our customers improve their credit, 1800NewRate reports to the credit bureau. This means that every timely payment our customers make is an opportunity for them to build credit.
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*You can save up to 250% to 300% APR interest with us. Your savings may vary. Title pawn/loan companies can charge, under The Title Pawn Act, up to a maximum rate of 25% per month for 3 months and 12.5% for remaining months in GA. and 25% per month in AL, S.C and MO. This illustration assumes that title pawn was renewed for 12 consecutive months. These calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Credit subject to loan value, employment history, acceptable current property, and other liberal credit requirements. Services available through Motormax Financial Services Corp. or Motors Acceptance depending on your market area.